Rumor: New Voice of War REQ Pack coming to Halo 5: Guardians.

Posted on November 27, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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UPDATE: The new Voice of War REQ pack is real and is close to releasing. They just need more time SKE7CH confirms on Reddit.

According to a Reddit user, he snatched a screenshot of a new REQ Pack coming to Halo 5 called Voices of War Req Pack. It includes the following voices:

  • Spartan Buck
  • Yabda the Merciless (The grunt with a past)
  • 031 Exuberant Witness

In the description, it says it can be used on Arena, Warzone, and Warzone Firefight. Not much has been revealed by the user, nor Microsoft/343 have confirmed/denied this rumor.
Below is a gif a Reddit user got from the store to prove the image above is not photoshopped.

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