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Rumor: PlayStation 4 Slim Leaked

Posted on August 21, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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UPDATE: Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry went to the leaker’s house to film PS4 Slim boot screen. At this point, it’s pretty much confirmed it’s the true deal, and next month Sony is going to reveal it to the public.
It would seem like Sony is following the anything you can do, we can do better mantra.
Since Microsoft took E3 by storm and announced the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio people have been left waiting for Sony’s rebuttal. Although nothing has been confirmed people are expecting the upcoming September event to be used to announce the PlayStation 4 Neo, but what about a slim version of the current PlayStation?
The latest rumors seems to indicate that the PlayStation 4 slim, the expected name, could be coming soon. Pictures, which can be seen below, have been circulating the internet today of the box of this supposed slim console. According to these pictures the PlayStation 4 Slim will be a 500GB version of the current console.
This should be all taken with a grain of salt though as it is just a rumor and nothing has yet been confirmed by Sony. We will ensure to update this article one any new information is released, so stay tuned.

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