Rumor: Project Scorpio's specifications may be announced this week

Posted on April 1, 2017 by Philip

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While it may still be April Fool’s Day for many in the western hemisphere, Jez Corden of Windows Central (and of the United Kingdom) has reported that an unnamed “major outlet” could publically share the official specifications of the highly-debated Project Scorpio hardware.
Corden, who has previously shared the bulk of what is known about Project Scorpio, writes that “Project Scorpio’s specifications could be revealed as early as next week. […] Specifically, we have heard Thursday could be the day.”  As Corden notes, one of the biggest debates among Xbox fans is whether the new console will use an older AMD processor architecture, like the Xbox One S and Xbox One did, or it would be based around the latest 7th generation Ryzen architecture.
From the whitepaper document that leaked in January of this year, we had reason to believe that Project Scorpio would sport around 12GB of RAM, and Corden confirms that “Project Scorpio ditches the Xbox One’s ESRAM, picking up 12GB of GDDR5 memory, versus the Xbox One’s 8GB [of] DDR3 and 32MB of static ESRAM.”  For reference, Nvidia’s latest Pascal-based Titan X graphics card packs the same (albeit faster GDDR5X) amount of memory and can do wonders with 4K game rendering.
Corden continues, reiterating that the games that will be able to take full advantage of Project Scorpio’s impressive hardware are mandated by Microsoft developer policy to be compatible and playable on the original Xbox One.  He also notes that we know the console will internally house its power supply as the Xbox One S does, and “will sport an incredibly ‘compact’ design, owing to advances in cooling.”  Obviously Microsoft is not new to fitting big specs in small spaces; just take a look at the Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Pro 4, the former of which houses an Nvidia GTX 965M.
So while we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what, if anything, happens regarding Project Scorpio, it’s good to see this level of possible action before any official E3 announcements.  If something does come out on Thursday, we’ll keep you updated and get the latest on any Project Scorpio developments.  Until then, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.
Source: Windows Central

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