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Rumor: ReCore Definitive Edition coming soon to Xbox One

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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UPDATE: ReCore official Twitter has shed some light regarding the future of the game including the continuing work on T8-NK frame, HDR feature, and much more unannounced content.

The USK have been rating several titles including Resident Evil Code Veronica which we reported on earlier and now they’ve played through ReCore Definitive Edition. This means the DLC they announced in December for the game is done and complete so these companies can test out.
The DLC consists of content that was cut from the final release due to a lack of time. This content includes a new bot (which can be even found on the game’s cover) and a map area, which can already be accessed in the currently released game but is in an unfinished state (no enemies).
Microsoft has not yet announced a release date for the DLC or the definitive edition, nor any pricing.
Stay tuned for official news.
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