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Rumor: Resident Evil 8 Details Leaked, Will Return First-Person Experience

Posted on January 31, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While fans are patiently waiting for the upcoming release of Resident Evil 3 Remake later this spring, a new surge of information seems to have been leaked regarding the next mainline installment for the titular series. According to Biohazardcast, the website says to have obtained a slew of potential details concerning the unannounced Resident Evil 8.

Admittedly, the fan site does acknowledge the claim that was emailed to then and encourages those reading not to take any information as fact. Even more, Biohazardcast also suggested that this might simply be another rumor to add to the pile from prior instances.

While 2017’s entry, Resident Evil 7, introduced a handful of new elements to the game that is foreign to the entire line of preceding games, the upcoming eighth installment is said to return many staple aspects this time around. Firstly, the Molded are said to be a thing of the past as traditional zombies will be abandoned. However, some properties of the latest mainline title will also be making a return as first-person will be implemented for the alleged Resident Evil 8.

As for what will e new to the series, the anonymous leaker shares that the setting for the game could take place in Europe. Initially commencing the story with the player at a village and progressing towards a larger castle later on. Atop of detailing that there will be snow in this rural region for the game, you can easily get an idea of what this new location will be exactly. Discussion of “wolf-like creatures” are also mentioned in the leak which would technically be a new enemy to the game, if not directly associated with the pre-existing hunters.

Returning characters are also cited to be part of Resident Evil 8. Mainly the return of Ethan is what will be the primary focus with this new installment. Additionally, it is claimed that Chris Redfield will also be integrated to the experience “in some capacity,” the leaker suggests. But one character that many are curious about is the billboard monster that will be hunting you down throughout your time playing.

The leak discloses that a female with a literal shadowy demeanor who will prowl for your demise is to be the candidate for Resident Evil 8. Even more so, they also state that shooting her will only make her dissipate, which means you might not have a direct solution for a good portion of the beginning of the game.

In route to validate the claims that Bihazardcast reported initially, it wasn’t until later on that Eurogamer confirms that the return of first-person peripheral for the game is indeed legitimate. Given the tendency to still be crowned as a rumor, Eurogamer previously disclosed the active development of Resident Evil 3 Remake ahead of its reveal.

What do you think about these potential details for Resident Evil 8?

Source: Biohazardcast

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