Rumor: Rise of the Tomb Raider to launch for PS4 on October 11th

Posted on July 17, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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The speculation continues for PlayStation 4 users, as we do not know the release date for Rise of the Tomb raider. According to an Italian Gamestop listing, ROTR will launch on October 11th which is also a Tuesday which indicates that Square Enix would want to launch the game simultaneously with North America.
A Gamestop Italy employee took a picture his store’s database which show October 11th as the date the game will release.  The odd part about this whole thing is that the price is a lot higher than expected if this is all real. It shows €70.98 which is $78.34, this seems a bit odd as you can get the Xbox One version for a lot cheaper. After all this could be just a placeholder. All we know from Crystal Dynamics is that the game is due to release on PS4 sometime this year.

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