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Rumor: Rocksteady Possibly Revealing Superman Game At E3

Rocksteady, the studio behind the Batman Arkham series has been pretty quiet with what their next project might be. With the studio’s Game Marketing Manager teasing that the next title will make people “lose their minds” back in October, and in January showing off the motion capture studio for the unannounced game. Now recently there’s been a rumor circulating that we might see a Superman title from the UK based studio at this years E3.
On Twitter the user iHadi posted an image and possible leaked details from a 4chan thread of the game. Titled Superman: World’s Finest, the game will be developed by Rocksteady with Brainiac as the main antagonist and will feature other DC Heroes in the game as well. Assuming we might have Batman returning to team up with Superman.

The most interesting part is that he bullets the game to be revealed at Microsoft’s Press Conference. With previous Rocksteady titles, Sony usually had marketing rights to titles like Batman: Arkham Knight and Batman: Arkham VR. This making the leak seem more illegitimate. But as this originated on 4chan there’s no concrete proof for these details, and was most likely added into the mix when circulating on the internet.
So for now take this with leak lightly. A Superman game would be great to see, especially from this studio to take a try at as there hasn’t ever really been a memorably good Superman game, yet.
Stay tuned with Rectify Gaming as we come closer to E3, with our Exclusive on marketing rights for Microsoft it seems we’ll have more games to check off as two have already been confirmed since being posted in April.

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