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Rumor: Sony will host a State of Play on May 30th, focusing on The Last of Us Part II

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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E3 2019 is near and as we know Sony will not have a press conference. That does not mean the company won’t have announcements leading to the event in their new video presentation in State of Play. According to Spanish website, Legion De Jugadores there will be a new State of Play episode airing on May 30th which will feature highly anticipated exclusive, The Last of Us Part II. The presentation would show more gameplay, story and apparently the release date.

The website also says sometime today we will know for sure what time the State of Play episode will air and it should be on the 30th of May. The great community at ResetEra were able to translate all the information and you can check it out right here.

Earlier in the year there was a rumor that The Last of Us Part II was going to release this Fall. That rumor started with an ad which was found from a Peruvian retailer’s website. We suggest taking this rumor like always with a grain of salt until Sony officially releases news real soon about this upcoming episode that could or could not happen. With E3 around the corner you have to expect Sony to do something because not having any news around that time could hurt.


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