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Rumor: Square Enix Considering Switch Version For Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long awaited title for nearly two generations now with the game’s retail debut coming just short of three months. As it is already confirmed for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, fans on Nintendo’s platform are left question when the Nintendo Switch will be able to play the anticipated title.

According to YouTuber DreamcastGuy, an anonymous source informed him that Square Enix is “deep in talks” to bringing the game to Nintendo’s console. It was stated that this source is close to the publisher and Square Enix is still in discussion if the Switch version will be worth the resources to be come a reality.

DramcastGuy follows up on the rumor stated from his unnamed source that Square Enix hasn’t started development for the Switch version of the game. Making this rumor seem less likely to happen if the publisher plans to bring the title along for the official January launch. As it was also released from the source that touchscreen and joy con integration will be coming with this version, there’s no way we will see the title in late January for the Nintendo Switch.

As exciting this information might be, there is no confirmation as of yet from Square Enix that this is true. As it would be smart to see the title on the hybrid console as it lack a PC version, there’s no way to determine if this will actually happen.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 25, 2018 in Japan following with a January 29th release for Europe and North America.

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