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Sale On Steam Controller Foreshadows Discontinuing For The Product

What might seem like ages ago was only just before the commencement of this current standing generation of console hardware that Valve announced that the company will be pursuing the same market as competing Sony and Microsoft with the Steam Machine. Essentially, the unit would allow players who already have a Steam account to play their owned titles through a new piece of hardware aside from their PC.

However, as we have witnessed following the console’s release later in 2015, no one talks about it as those did prior to the retail launch. And while those who have purchased the Steam Machine used it since then, it looks like we are finally reached premature support cut for the unit.

While not directly addressing that the console will no longer be receiving more product (i.e. Steam Controller), Valve instead launched a virtually clearance sale for the console’s unique gamepad. Slashing the initial price of $49.99 to a 90 percent off price of just $5 USD, Valve also highlights that this will only be available while supplies last. “Notice: Limited quantity remaining,” the controller’s page reads.

As of reporting this on the first day of December, the Steam Controller has officially sold out. Which also suggests the end of the controller’s production as well. As for the Steam Machine itself, this only points to be the start of the end for additional support heading towards the 2015 console. As for how Valve will ultimately cut off the hardware is left for time to tell as no word has been released since the sale went live for the controller.

This is not the first we have seen of similar circumstances: earlier this year, Razer announced that the online store for the Android-based OUYA crowdfunded console will be closing in June of this year.

Did you own a Steam Machine?

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