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Scalebound being revived by Nintendo?

A report from Nintendo Insider states that Scalebound, the PlatinumGames Xbox One exclusive is being brought back to life by Nintendo for the Switch. Scalebound was met with mixed feelings when shown off during past E3 presentations between 2014-2016, however it garnered enough attention since it was the first time Microsoft and PlatinumGames would be making a game together.

Until January 2017, Scalebound was cancelled “after careful deliberation”. Former Platinum Games creative producer JP Kellams responded to the rumors as well. Clearing up that Microsoft still owns the IP, and the trouble the Switch would have running the game and that they would be better off making a new game. This is the knowledge JP left the company with as he as moved on and makes it somewhat difficult to believe rumors that are coming out about bringing Scalebound back.


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