Scalebound gameplay premiered at Gamescom, release date still a ways off

Posted on August 4, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Well, we finally got the premiere gamesplay footage for Scalebound we’ve been waiting for today at Gamescom 2015 in Germany. Mr. Kamiya, the game’s creator, showed off a few minutes of our protagonist and how he is one with his dragon. The gameplay is reminiscent of Dragon Age Inquisition and features 3rd person fighting with your dragon assisting you! That’s right. As you are battling it out with bow and arrows along with up close and personal melee action, your dragon buddy is breathing fire and crushing enemies underneath his claws.

Unfortunately, the game’s release date is not until Holiday 2016 which means it’ll be launching with Mass Effect Andromeda and Gears of War 4. More footage is set to be released this week during the event so be sure to check back

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