Scheduling For DC Fandome Reveals Time For Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad & Unannounced WB. Montreal Title

Posted on August 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It should be pretty hard to forget last week’s announcement where developer Rocksteady Studios, the team responsible for the Batman Arkham trilogy, disclosed to be working on a new project. Unveiling a teaser for a Suicide Squad game, the title’s logo posted as crosshairs at the Man of Steel’s head. Howbeit, the firm told that more will be pressed upon at the coming DC Fandome later this month.

Following the initial report, Rocksteady Senior Writer Kim MacAskill disclosed on Twitter that the coming entry will not be as the previous Arkham entries. Instead, Suicide Squad, as we would hope to expect, will be a “funny” experience for fans to indulge themselves in when the full game arrives later on.

Now today, DC Comics has shipped the full scheduling of the approaching virtual showcase revealing the timeframe for when fans can expect to tune in for the official reveal of Suicide Squad. In addition to that, the firm also illustrated that a separate announcement will be taking place next Saturday at a different time: that being for Warner Bros. Montreal’s coming project.

You can view the scheduling for both showings below:

Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement – Hall of Heroes
Saturday, Aug 22 – 10:30 AM PST / 1:30 PM EST

Gamers! You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game, and Q&A with its developers. 20 min.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Hall of Heroes
Saturday, Aug 22 – 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST

Will Arnett hosts the highly anticipated video game reveal from Rocksteady Studios, creators of the Batman: Arkham franchise. 20 min.

Collected from the listing for Rocksteady Studios’ Suicide Squad, it does confirm a previous reporting on the then-alleged project. In that. It was uncovered that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment filed two domains for SuicideSquadKilltheJusticeLeague and GothamKnights. It is presumed the listing will fall for Warner Bros. Montreal’s title when it debuts next weekend.

The firm has teased quite a bit of its enigmatic title for well over a year. The most recent poking at its followers was done back in January where the firm posted pieces of a crest which looked to be forming the sign for the Court of Owls. Howbeit, not much has been directly pressed upon since then. You can read the report by heading here.

What game are you most excited to see of the two?

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