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Screencheat on Xbox One Review.

Game – Screencheat
Release Date – March 1st, 2016
Platform – Xbox One
Developer/Publisher – Samurai Punk
Screencheat is one of those fun indie games where everyone can have fun. There is so much that is unique about the game, such as the ability to Screencheat but there is a catch to it. Everyone is invisible so you will have to actually concentrate on your screen at the same time as yours.
Samurai Punk have made a very unique game but it is something most of us gamers do frequently. Especially if you used to always play split screen on games like Halo, Mario Kart, etc. You used to tell your buddy “STOP SCREENCHEATING” well now you can’t get mad while screencheating. In fact, this is your weapon to win since you can’t see where anyone is, you just have to guess where they are.

When you first play the game it is a little difficult to get used to which is very normal for any gamer to experience when they try out a brand new game. Once you warm up for a few minutes you should start to feel comfortable. We’d say the gameplay is very smooth and it moved along very well. Very little framerate drops.

Game Modes
IDARB Is back! Screenshot 2016-02-29 20-46-42
This is a game that offers a bunch of game modes to play with. Such as My First Deathmatch, Capture the Fun, Hillcampers, Gold Rush, Juggernaut, Elimination, Bombs away, One shot, and Murder mystery. There is absolutely a wide variety of game modes to choose from, let’s not forget you can edit the Bot settings, Lobby settings, and obviously gamemode settings. You can also make the game modes in to teams such as Team Elimination, Team Gold Rush, etc. The game has matchmaking as well so if you don’t have anyone to play local you can just search up and find enemies or partners.
IDARB Is back! Screenshot 2016-02-29 20-46-50
The game has a decent amount of maps, one thing that I like about them is that every single one has a unique design. In most indie games you see a lot of copy and paste levels or levels that look similar to the other. Samurai Punk have used the custom colors very well too instead of making it just a bland single color.

Achievements on this game seem to be pretty easy, it just takes time. It looks like you can boost for all of them with a second controller or 3 others to get some of them very fast. I’d rate them as a medium sized list, it’s not too hard or too easy it is right in the middle.

All in all Screencheat is a very good party game for family, friends or for anyone. We’d say go and buy it on Xbox One. One problem with the game is that eventually you would think you will get bored of it. That is something that we all have to think about as the game gets older.
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