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Scuf's Elite Controller Paddle System launches, available to buy from Scuf

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Philip

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A while back, we learned that Microsoft and Scuf were partnering up to make an alternate version of Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller with custom parts by Scuf. The controller itself has is an entirely new controller, but if you just want some add-ons Scuf has you covered.
Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller featured a set of four remappable paddles on the back, and Scuf emulated and created a different implementation of these paddles for the Scuf Elite controller. The four back paddles on the Scuf Elite are actually attached to the battery compartment door, and Scuf is actually launching that custom battery door separately. The Scuf Elite Paddle Control System is only compatible with the Xbox Elite controller, as the paddles are reliant on the four extra input points on the back of the controller, however.
For just shy of $40 USD, gamers can pick up the custom back panel with attached paddles, as well as the bundled directional pad bias cap. The bias cap attaches to the swappable D-pad point on the Xbox Elite controller and adds a slop that facilitates a single direction being pressed on the D-pad, as well as easer swapping between thumb stick and D-pad. While the new product bundle requires the still-expensive Xbox One Elite controller, it’s great to see third parties releasing swappable parts for official hardware.
Source: Scuf
Image Credits & Via: Windows Central

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