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Sea of Thieves has become the fastest-selling game for Rare

Sea of Thieves launched last month on March 20th for Xbox One and PC with mixed reception partly due to the lack of any meaningful content in the game, however, despite that Sea Of Thieves has managed to become the fastest-selling Rare game in the history of the studio.
This is according to the NPD Group, who noted that Sea Of Thieves sold through the first month of its launch faster than any Rare title since the tracking began in 1995.
“Sea of Thieves was the second best-selling game of March, and is the eighth best-selling game of 2018 year-to-date,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella wrote. “Sea of Thieves generated the highest launch month sales for any title produced by developer Rare since tracking by The NPD Group began in 1995.”
However, these figures for the game only include the digital and retail sales and don’t include the Game Pass, a subscription-based model from Microsoft.
Sea of Thieves stands at number 8 among the best-selling games of 2018. This shows that Xbox community yearns for an exclusive that is worthy of their time.
In May, the studio will be introducing new materials including The Hungering Deep which focuses on a “new AI threat” and special event.
Sea Of Thieves is an online-multiplayer game developed by Rare for PC and Xbox One.
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