Sea of Thieves is the #1 most pre-ordered game on PlayStation 5

Posted on March 10, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Sea of Thieves is one of four Xbox games that will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It will also be the first time in Rare’s history that they’ve published a game for PlayStation. The other games coming to PS5 before Sea of Thieves are Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded, but it seems that the majority of players on PlayStation want to play the popular pirate game.

Sea of Thieves is currently the #1 Best Selling Pre-Order on the PlayStation Network in the United States. You can see the image below via Benji-Sales on X (Twitter)

When playing this game on PlayStation a Microsoft account will be needed in order to play the game. You can pre-order Sea of Thieves on the PlayStation Store for only $39.99 USD.

You’ll be able to explore the sea and look for treasure on PS5 on April 30, 2024.

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