Season 2 For Sea Of Thieves Launches Today

Posted on April 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Now more than three years since the original launch of Sea of Thieves gracing the market, the game is taking on a new identity as the project welcomes seasons to the game. Alike many other online-oriented releases in the past, Sea of Thieves for the longest time relied on monthly updates to welcome in new content and rewards to the game for its devoted players.

That was until the start of 2021 where developer Rare debuted the new seasons structure to Sea of Thieves. And now with the first inaugural update already coming to a close, Season 2 arrives today with new additions and goodies for the pirates that regular the game. As you might expect, a new season also welcomes a new Plunder Pass for the game. Furthermore, there is also a new hundred levels for players to tackle for rewards when playing.

Most unique about Season 2 happens to be the commodities to those that show their allegiance to the traders of the treacherous waters with new Trade Route & Commodity Crates.

Channel your inner maritime trader and make your fortune buying low and selling high on the new Merchant Alliance Trade Routes! Emissaries can buy Commodity Crates at Outposts, find out where these raw Commodities are in demand and head there to sell up for a tidy profit. To further diversify their portfolio, the Merchants now sell Resource Crates too – making it much more convenient to stock up on basics including bananas, planks and cannonballs!

Additionally, Rare also welcomes the ‘Forts of Fortune’ which introduces a new challenge to players looking to grab more treasure when out and about. “A new, savagely scarred Skull Cloud rising over the Sea of Thieves signals the awakening of a Fort of Fortune, an even more rigorous challenge than other Skeleton Forts.

“With relentless enemy waves, dangerous items to dig up and the promise of a fiery finish, expect an ordeal worthy of the most battle-hardened pirate crew (and a high-level haul with guaranteed Athena’s Treasures) should you pit yourselves against the undead horde within!”

Recently, Rare announced that Sea of Thieves overcame yet another milestone – accumulating more than 20 million players. You can read more about the achievement by heading here.

Are you planning to test the waters for Season 2?

Sea of Thieves is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Rare

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