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Seasonal Events Will Be Coming To Anthem

Many fans anticipating for what’s expected from BioWare’s sci-fi, third-person shooter Anthem since it’s announcement last E3. And with the game having extra time to work out the kinks and post-launch content due to the title’s delay, it is essential for the developer to keep the player base active once the game reaches release.
In a recent tweet by Executive Producer Mark Darrah, confirming a question to a fan that seasonal events will be present in the game for certain holidays or other national events.

Different timed events for multiplayer titles has been seen to bringing in returning players with exclusive content along with permanent content like gamemodes. The recent Call of Duty: WW2 Liberty Strike event is an example of this type of content that’s present in online play. With Anthem getting the same treatment, an active player base will be more constant around these events as well as an twist on the holiday/event influenced by the game’s world.
With the recent news that Anthem is being BioWare’s main priority, seeing that more extra content for after the game’s initial launch is proof that all resources are invested in making the title more alive when players complete what’s in the base title.
Anthem will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on February 22, 2019.

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