Sega Is Returning Judgement To Shelves In Japan

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Dating a few months back now, former actor portraying Kyohei Hamura in RGG Studio’s Judgement, Pierre Taki was arrested following his arrest for possession of cocaine in Tokyo. Following the actor’s apprehension, Sega immediately pulled the title from store shelves until a better suited actor is found to portray the crime-boss in the game.

Shortly before, Sega revealed the reimagined look for Hamura in Judgement, but the voice actor at the time has yet to be decided. Now, it was revealed that Miou Tanaka will be taking the role to portray the character. Ultimately, this also details that the game will be returning to store shelves later in July for fans in Japan.

Despite the news that affected both retail and digital storefronts carrying the title, it was announced shortly after Taki’s arrest that his arrest will not be affecting the game to be sold in the West. Which is still paved to release on June 25th next month.

Judgement is currently listed for PlayStation 4.

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