Sega Reportedly Cancelled Remakes For Sonic Adventure And Sequel Back In 2015

Posted on April 4, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While given the circumstance of the new craze for Sonic the Hedgehog following the box office hit from the titular 2020-released film, it should be noted there is still redeeming that needs to be dealt by Sega with the next major release for the game. Noted, Team Sonic head Takashi Iizuka in the past referenced the next major entry to take place sometime in 2021. But, the context surrounding such is still left unclear.

Although uncertain, some fans are quick to gather their own interpretations of what could be. For one, the possibility of a Sonic Adventure remake. Previously, Iizuka did issue that Team Sonic is interested to rework the Dreamcast release to soften the rough edges for that project back in 2018.

However, a new report from known leaker Zippo discloses that Sega’s ambitions to remake Sonic Adventure fell flat just over half a decade ago. While nothing surfaced previously on the matter, the poster tells multiple sources within Sega are just recently insisting the project to be real at one point.

From what is collected for the claim, it is told that builds for the initial Sonic Adventure remake did blow expectations for corporate Sega. So much that the firm quickly greenlit a reworking for the sequel as well, Sonic Adventure 2. However, the writing goes on to indicate that breaking budget happened to be the source of the projects demise.

Additionally, there also happened to be complications internally as Team Sonic already commenced development on mobile release Sonic Runners alongside kicking off work for what became 2017’s Sonic Forces. Zippo also reveals that Team Sonic was in the middle of working on the Hedgehog 2 engine which conflicted with other projects that resulted in the complete cancelling of the remakes.

But, there is still a lick of hope as now-closed website TSSZ News reported on recent re-recordings for Sonic Adventure’s soundtrack last January. Although uncertain if the project is still underway, there could be an off-chance that the pursuit was picked up again. Howbeit, there is also speculation of a new entry altogether. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Zippo Speaks

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