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Sega Restructures Its Amusement Business To ‘Sega Fave’, Appoints Shuji Utsumi To CEO For Sega Of America & Europe

Posted on January 10, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Although a Japan firm, Sega has continued to bridge its reach to the west in recent years with extended support to localize its games and be consistent with its releases globally. In the past, it was reported the firm is to pursue multiplatform releases and do away with only releasing on PlayStation. Additionally, worldwide launches for games are also a focus for coming titles to have multiple markets get its hands on new titles.

More recently, the firm has pressed on exploring its vault of properties with potential remasters/remakes on the way. At The Game Awards in December, Sega revealed its new ‘New Era’ initiative that teases remakes for IPs like Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, and Crazy Taxi. In a following interview, it was elaborated the new push is to reinvigorate the same “alternative” drive Sega embraced during the Dreamcast’s release two decades prior.

This week, Sega is doing major restructuring to its corporate infrastructure. Firstly, Sega Toys is now rebranding to Sega Fave as the amusement line now finds a new home as it further focuses on its major IPs.

The Group has established its Medium-term Plan, “Beyond the Status Quo -Breaking the Current Situation and Becoming a Sustainable Company-“, which position the fiscal year ending March 2024 as the final year, and has been working to expand its corporate value. In the Entertainment Contents Business, mainly in the Consumer area, we promoted the Pillar Strategy, which focuses on multi-platform roll-out and simultaneous global launch of major titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog series, Persona series, Like a Dragon series and others, and we have steadily implemented that strategy.

In the next Medium-term Plan, which is currently under the formulation, we set strengthening of transmedia as one of the key strategies for the Entertainment Contents Business in order to expand the Pillar Strategy and move on to the next stage. […] Going forward, the Group will seek to further enhance its main IPs by maximizing the use of its expertise under the transmedia strategy and by steering the Group towards a policy of maximizing Group synergies by combining the strengths of each business, such as Amusement Machines, Animation / Toy and others.

Moreover, there is also a new handing over of leadership as well. In a separate press release, it is revealed that Shuji Utsumi – the current Sega of America CEO – is now also to be handed the same role for Sega of Europe as well. He’s most noted for his effort launching the original PlayStation in North America, kickstarting the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and behind the launch of the Dreamcast at Sega also.

In this new announcement, we even see figures like Geoff Keighley celebrate the new role Utsumi received from this decision. On X, Keighley writes “If you liked the Sega New Era announcement at TGA, this is your guy!  Took us 2.5 years with many twists and turns, but was so worth it! Can’t wait for what’s next!!” Which does explain the ‘New Era’ initiative already in effect.

What has you most excited from this new restructuring from Sega?

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