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Sega Reveals Free 2023 Content Road Map That Includes New Playable Characters

Posted on December 1, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Sonic Frontiers is off to a great start since it released on November 8 and the game is basically set with content for the year of 2023, Sega has revealed. The new content road map includes photo mode, new challenge modes, new playable characters and new story.

Here is the content road map they posted on social media:

On December 21st players can receive the Holiday Cheer Suit in Sonic Frontiers as another free DLC. When it comes to next years road map we should probably expect the first part to be within the first month or two and the next ones later on in the year. We don’t know an exact date for anything, but that is what we can assume and what would make sense.

With all the free content Sonic Frontiers is receiving in the future does this make you more likely to play the game?

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