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Sega Reveals Livestream For Sonic 2020 Program Coming Next Thursday

The phenomena that is Sonic the Hedgehog surely is receiving a lot of attention this February with the release of the titular motion picture starring Ben Schwartz as Sega’s billboard Blue Blur and Jim Carrey as the antagonistic Dr. Robotnik. Alongside the box office debut of the video game-adapted film, there is more to come on the gaming landscape for Sonic.

Discovered by Sonic the Hedgehog forum TailsChannel, the website told that Sega will be hosting a livestream this coming Thursday, February 2020.

Sega disclosed that Sonic the Hedgehog artist Kazuyuki Hoshino will be hosting the livestream starting at 6 PM JST / 4 AM EST. Additionally, the company also shares that composer Jun Senoue will be attending this online presentation as well. Senoue has worked on the preceding Team Sonic Racing and 2017’s Sonic Forces, so he might share something regarding a new installment perhaps?

What gives the livestream any significance is that on the 20th of each month Sega will reveal something new regarding the notorious franchise. Last month in January, Sega provided desktop wallpaper and smart phone backgrounds for fans to download; February looks to possibly introduce more enticing details for the series.

Last month, a leak emerged which looked to potentially be the first trace of a rework project for the fan-favorite Sonic Adventure. It was reported that Ezio Sakamoto was rehearsing what sounded to be the theme for the 1998 title. But with Senoue’s involvement with next week’s stream, the likeliness does show to be less prevalent for that possibility.

What would you like to see be revealed at Sonic the Hedgehog livestream this coming Thursday?

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