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Shenmue 3 PlayStation 4 Day One Patch Hardly Costs 5 GB

The ongoing wait for Ys Net’s Shenmue 3 looks to be coming to an end as the rescheduled release date for the 2015 announced project is close to arriving in the next couple of weeks. And while players are preparing to play the third installment for the Dreamcast-originated series, the day one patch for the November title has officially been revealed.

In this current gaming climate, the discussion surrounding a day one patch only results with a negative connotation following the additional space needed atop of the required space that the game asks for to install on to the unit. However, for the sake of Shenmue 3, that does not show to be the case as the patch is only 4.5 GB. Included with the reported 26 GB space recommendation for PlayStation 4, the overall size only ranks to an rounded 31 GB.

Epic Games To Issue Refunds To Those Upset For Shenmue III’s Timed Exclusivity

It was announced back at June during the PC Gaming Show at E3 that Ys Net and Deep Silver have decided to partner together to bring the PC iteration of the upcoming title to reality. But in the midst of this eager announcement, the game would instead be available only through the Epic Games storefront rather than the majority’s preference for Steam. This later led to Epic Games issuing refunds for those unhappy with the decision due to the game being a crowdfunded project.

Upon this misunderstanding for the Kickstarter game, Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney announced that future titles sourced from a similar backing will be provided with keys for other marketplaces if the title comes to be releasing through the Epic Games Store alike Shenmue 3.

Looking at the mere 4.5 GB day one patch for the game, this is quite a treat compared to other titles. Recently, Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds showed to do just the opposite as the game was an estimated 18 for PlayStation and a more than doubled 38 GB for Xbox One. As for the players on the PC spectrum for this new Shenmue, they will unfortunately be met with a 100 GB requirement for the game compared to the 1/3rd that Sony’s platform asks for.

Shenmue 3 will be out November 19, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Twisted Vixel

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