Shovel Knight Wii U Review

Posted on February 5, 2015 by Metro

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‘Shovel Knight’ for the Wii U has its ups and downs, like every game of course. But for some reason the Wii U version of this game seems to have a major down. ‘Shovel Knight’ is a mixture of Nintendo classics such as Mega-Man play style with a mixture of platforming from many different games like Mario or Metroid. Using the same based idea as these games seems like it can be a recipe for a really good game, and it is a good game.

However, the Wii U just doesn’t seem to hold the game up that well. On the Wii U I found myself dropping frames and even one point, I lost my save data. The game was fun never the less, just the dropped frames and the loss of data problem I only found myself playing ‘Shovel Knight’ for no more than two hours. The game on PC runs very nice and smooth, but this review copy was for the Wii U and not the PC.

I did enjoy the game for what it was and I may consider going back and trying to play more of it and ignore the small issues that can ruin a game experience to some players. ‘Shovel Knight’ would be an excellent game minus these small issues. I haven’t found any other issues so as the way the game sits I can safely give it a fairly good score in my opinion. The game play is fun, the character is well designed, But the smallest issues made it almost not so fun at one point or another.

Therefore, to conclude and be honest. The game is good, however these amount of bugs just ruin the experience. I’m giving ‘Shovel Knight’ for Wii U a fair 7/10, however, that might more apply to the superior PC version.


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