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Skate 3's coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility

UPDATE: Microsoft have officially announced that Skate 3 & Scarygirl are both coming to the Xbox One via BC today. You can now play more than 280 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, and it is still growing. The team have added over 170 games in the past year. You can read more here
They have also released a new ad promoting Xbox BC:
The Xbox One dashboard had accidentally revealed that Skate 3 is coming to backwards compatibility, an Xbox administrator had confirmed it was coming as well on Skate 3 currently has 38,904 votes in the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility wish list on the Xbox website, above titles like Dishonored, Fable Anniversary and Halo ODST.
It looks like Microsoft is bringing in more fan favorite titles this month with Skate 3 and we have yet to hear if Burnout Paradise is coming at all this year.

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