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Skydance New Media Teases Marvel Ensemble Adventure Game In New Trailer

Posted on September 10, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Rewinding back to 2019, it was revealed that Uncharted trilogy & The Last of Us director Amy Hennig will be moving on from Naughty Dog as she will be opening a new studio over under Skydance. With the new venture denoted ‘Skydance New Media’, Hennig will be leading the team with new IPs for the media firm. It was not until last November that we learned what she will be involved with.

In a press release, it shared that Hennig’s team will be orchestrating a new experience with characters from the Marvel universe. More exciting is the type of work Hennig that she’s done in the past which will glaze over now including the Marvel property. Later on, Disney shared it will be showcasing new titles at its upcoming D23 and Marvel projects will be presented at said presentation.

This Friday during the first day of the showcase, Skydance New Media revealed a teaser for an upcoming Avengers ensemble action adventure title. You can watch the teaser trailer in the video below:

“Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming narrative-driven, ensemble adventure game set in the Marvel Universe, which marks the first initiative from the new AAA game studio, features an original story that will take players on a World War II-era adventure with four playable heroes at different points in the story,” the description shared in a press release reads; Gematsu transcribed.

The unique 1940s setting also brings a twist on the casting of the iconic characters. While Steve Rogers can cast his role as Captain America, T’Challa’s grandfather Azzuri will be Black Panther, Howling Commandos member and U.S. soldier Gabriel Jones, and Wakandan Spy Network leader Nanali are to star in this new experience. 

“We’re so grateful for all the enthusiasm and support we’ve received from fans, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil a first glimpse of the game during this year’s D23 Expo,” president Amy Hennig expressed. “Marvel has been an incredible partner throughout the creative process as we develop an original story and build an exciting new team of characters. We hope fans are intrigued by this sneak peek, and we’re excited to share more down the road.”

Are you excited for the new Avengers game?

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