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Skyrim: Special Edition will run 1080p on consoles

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Digital Foundry, a very known company for analyzing video games have compared the original Skyrim and the new remaster from the trailers. We can definitely expect a higher resolution. From what they have said, the remaster will be 1080p on both consoles. Also with the remaster comes better shading, snow particles, and extra details such as mushrooms and bushes.

Most likely that the game will be 60 fps on console since the Xbox One S and the PlayStation Neo will support 4K then will Bethesda put in the effort to add that feature? All we know is that the Skyrim: Special Edition will be a huge improvement from the original. If you don’t care about the “specs” of your games then just to let you know, mod support will be available as well so be happy for that.

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