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Slime Rancher Film Adaptation In The Works

Posted on August 18, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Although Story Kitchen is a cumulative combination of influential Hollywood leaders to deliver new stories & tales to showcase in the cinema, the amount of attention pinned toward video game adaptations is surprising. Thus far, the production firm has already established ties on upcoming movies for both Sega’s Streets of Rage as well as Toejam & Earl respectively.

Additionally, other adaptations also creep into television. Specifically on Netflix, both Tomb Raider & Splinter Cell are expected to welcome anime series to the streamer sometime later in the future. Furthermore, the most recent effort of Story Kitchen comes from an announcement tied to Hazelight with Game of the Year awardee It Takes Two planned to welcome a film as well.

This week, Deadline reports that Monomi Park is the next developer to be partnering with Story Kitchen. This time, the effort is to assist with manifesting a Slime Rancher movie. Currently, casting for the upcoming picture has yet to be disclosed nor any details on who specifically is to be responsible behind the camera.

Story Kitchen is composed of John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, Sonic the Hedgehog producer Dmitri M. Johnson, and former Independent Artist Group partner Mike Goldberg. As for Slime Rancher, the sequel ‘Slime Rancher 2’ arrived via Early Access last September. The game also launched via Xbox Game Pass at that time too.

Regarding other projects connected to Story Kitchen’s founders, Knuckles – the upcoming Paramount+ television series – already kicked off filming. Even more, the production managed to finish amid the rise of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes in Los Angeles. You can read the initial report by heading here.

What has you interested for a Slime Rancher movie?

Source: Deadline

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