Snow Horse coming Spring 2016

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Snow Horse is the name of a wacky-looking Xbox One and PC game in which you play as a snowboarding horse. This game from looking at the trailer almost reminds me of another type of Goat Simulator game just because of the randomness that goes on. Nothing like a horse on a snowboard. Snow Horse, developed using Unity, is set to launch in spring 2016 on Xbox One and PC but we do not know if both versions of the game will arrive at the same time.

“Welcome to Snow Horse, the snowboarding game you never asked for, where the points are made up and you are a horse riding a snowboard,” developer Chris Figueroa wrote in the video’s description

Figueroa says on Twitter that a playable beta will be released sometime before launch. He also confirms that horse customization will be featured in the game in some manner. Also a playable beta will be available.

Here is the unique trailer:

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