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Snowboarding Simulator Shredders Scheduled To Ship This December

While the era of SSX snowboarding games remain in the hearts of its beloved fans decades later, there has still yet to be any true successor to replace that in the throne. While Tony Hawk titles were overshadowed by Skate and the more recent Session/Skater XL, the same cannot be said for SSX. Although Ubisoft’s Steep is a considering candidate, it does not appear to reach the same reception as successors did for the skateboarding video games.

But, developer FoamPunch looks to be taking on the challenge with Shredders. The team is a combination of Belgium developer I-Illusions (Space Pirate Trainer) and Swedish game studio Let It Roll (The Snowboarding Game). For Shredders, the new project is told to be the long-awaited revival of classic games such as Amped whilst adding its own DNA to the formula for a fresh, new experience.

You can watch the reveal trailer in the video below:

“Shredders has powder so fresh you can smell it – you’ll lose yourself for hours carving down mountains,  tweaking your grabs, bending your board, and buttering like the very best. With the help of world class pro-riders soon to be announced, you’ll go beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible,” Narrative Director Chris Hanney explains.

“With Shredders, we have tried to build a snowboarding experience that allows you to define your own style. In snowboarding there are so many incredible ways to do a simple 180 and Shredders gives you that level of control. Carving, buttering, and the sensation of floating on fresh powder all feels amazing.

“Conceptually we are trying to keep the convention of one thumb stick for the board and one stick for the body, and directly map that onto the snowboarder. This gives you a lot of freedom in your play style, so you can choose to be smooth and lazy, or if you’d prefer to go fast and aggressive, you can change up your style whenever you want.

“In the same spirit as snowboarding, we want to give you freedom and agency over your ride. It should be rewarding to explore the mechanics and find your own style. That sort of exploration has always drawn us into gaming.”

Are you excited for Shredders?

Shredders ship sometime in December 2021 for Xbox Series X|S & PC.

Source: Xbox Wire

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