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Posted on April 14, 2016 by Tyler Nienburg

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Soda Drinker Pro
  • 5.5/10
    Total Score - 5.5/10


It’s a very random game which I like, I also think that anything over $9.99 is over priced. As you move on in the game you start to wonder why you are playing it and if there is even a point because there obviously isn’t anyone to play with or a proper story.

Release Date – April 15th
Platform – Xbox One (reviewed), PC
Developer/Publisher- Snowrunner Productions
Genre- Action & Adventure, Strategy & Simulation
Price- $9.99

Soda Drinker Pro has been around for a while on Steam. In fact, the developer Will Brierly started the game in 2008 and now it is launching on Xbox One and Steam. Soda Drinker Pro is the premier in software in the first person soda drinking genre.

The game is one random game why I say that? Well at first you will see that the graphics look like it was made in Microsoft Paint but that is not a bad sign at all. Obviously when you first start you are in this beach looking area with a soda in your hand, what you want to do is collect those random floating sodas. While doing all of this there is someone’s voice saying “I’m drinking a soda” at least from what I remember it was something close to that. After you collect them you want to drink the soda so you can get onto the next level.
IDARB Is back! Screenshot 2016-04-14 15-55-28
After you get into the second level you’ll want to step to your right side into the wall which looks like a painted door. The reason why I am telling you this in my review is that if you do not know this you’ll be stuck on the game for a long time and you’ll start raging about your $9.99 being wasted.

IDARB Is back! Screenshot 2016-04-14 15-54-25
After you get past the early stages that I explained above you’ll realize you are brought to another menu and you start a new game. After that you fall out of the sky as a rain drop and you can control your landing. Wherever you land it has its own small little game mode, sometimes it may be hard and you’ll be like what are the controls and what am I supposed to do? That has happened to me a few times, but after that you can do other game modes when you enter a special cave and as you walk toward it you’ll see 3 time clocks and a lot of these things that look like pictures. I guess you can call them achievements for what game modes you did well on. As you progress into the game there are different levels. I am currently on level 2 and there are some different game modes on there, I am not quite too sure on how it still works.IDARB Is back! Screenshot 2016-04-14 15-54-53


The achievements can be challenging especially the secret achievements since you can’t tell what they are and usually just have to play to randomly unlock them.


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