Sonic Frontiers ‘Sights, Sounds, & Speed Update’ Comes Wednesday With Juke Box Mode, Photo Mode, And Two Challenge Game Types

Posted on March 21, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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This past November, many fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchised were moved away by the launch for Sonic Frontiers. Although previous titles illustrated to be missing something or a vacant shell of what it was, the new release proved to be a breath of fresh air for the series. Soon after, it was revealed 2.5 million titles sold for the game nearly a month after its initial release.

Additionally, the game is only the blueprint for what is to come. Game director Morio Kishimoto tweeted that the title is going to learn what it did right and could improve on with a larger scale expected to fill the boots for its sequel later down the road. For now, Sega & Sonic Team did confirm that Sonic Frontiers is to receive post-launch content for the game throughout 2023. This includes more modes and playable characters.

In a new announcement this week, Sonic Team reveals the Sights, Sounds, & Speed update is set to release this Wednesday. The title update will include Photo Mode, a music ‘Juke Box’ mode, Battle Rush challenge mode, and Cyber Space challenge mode. 

Photo Mode – Frame up, edit, and capture your favorite moments in Photo Mode! Capture Sonic in action across a variety of landscapes and create the perfect photo. You can also choose between seven filters to add some flare to your photos.

Juke Box – Play your favorite tracks while exploring the Starfall Islands, which include tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games! You can listen to any of the 53 songs anywhere in the open zones – 13 of which are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. Unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories across the five islands. Keep an eye out for orange music notes!

Cyber Space Challenge Mode – Race through seven Cyber Space Stages back-to-back in this time-attack mode while competing against the clock!

Battle Rush Mode – Battle through several rounds against increasingly tough enemies, guardians, and Titans in this timed battle mode! Aim for the fastest clear time with your levelled-up Sonic. If you achieve a higher rank, you may get a special surprise.

Sonic Team also mentions other minor improvements included in the new update. In that, visual features like the power up animation can be toggle in the settings alongside the Starfall Slot Machine game can be adjusted. Furthermore, a new level restart for Cyber Space levels is to be added. And upgrading Sonic now implements using all Koco with Elder & Hermit Koco is to be included.

The Sights, Sounds, & Speed update is the first of three major updates planned for Sonic Frontiers. While it is undetermined the direction the next two free clients will head, there is room for speculation. Already, characters like Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are in the game. Even Big The Cat is featured as well. These are all possible candidates for the playable characters later on.

What improvement has you most excited for the Sights, Sounds, & Speed update?

Sonic Frontiers is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Sonic Team

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