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Sonic Mania doesn't have a platinum trophy on PS4

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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No one’s going to skip the stellar-looking Sonic Mania over its weak roster of trinkets. but it looks like the game doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4. If you don’t know what a Platinum Trophy exactly is, A Platinum Trophy unlocks only when you complete every other Trophy for a game, except for those tied to downloadable content (DLC) It’s kind of like how games on Xbox One have a total of 1000G when it’s new.
This isn’t a rare sight for Sony’s achievements, with the full-length 16-bit throwback netting just 18 Trophies – and primarily Bronze ones at that.
Now does it really matter? Not so much to the gamers who don’t care about getting 100% in a game, but to people who like to achievement hunt it will bother them.
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