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Sony announces the WipEout Collection

During PSX 2016, Sony revealed the WipEout Collection,  known for its blistering speed, iconic music and pure multiplayer mayhem, WipEout has starred on every PlayStation format since 1995 – and it’s now set to rip through the air on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.
The WipEout Omega Collection brings together all of the anti-gravity racing track and ship content from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 games. All three are re-mastered and looking stunning in 4K and HDR, running at 60FPS.
Here are the modes that come with it, nine in total:

  • Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial and Single Race from HD
  • Zone Battle, Eliminator and Detonator from Fury
  • Career Mode from 2048

This spans over 26 unique tracks and 46 unique ship models, which sees the return of all of your favourite ship manufactures. Play with your friends, either with split screen local multiplayer, or online with up to eight Anti-gravity Racing league pilots.


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