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Sony has praised Nintendo on the Switch, says it's a unique system

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios has praised the Nintendo Switch. He has admitted himself  that the upcoming console launching March 2017 is “very unique” and “it will be good for core gamers”.
Speaking to Digital Spy: “I think it’s a very unique system. It’s very interesting that they’ve designed the system to work well with more conventional games in terms of inputs and buttons.” “So I think it’s good for core gamers and their marketing message focused on that.” Shuhei also added that they will cover a new market for themselves.
As we all know Sony has been trying to make games for mobile devices kind of like what Nintendo has been doing with games like Super Mario Run.

“Not like Nintendo is. But the mobile is a great tool to connect with our fans and might be a good place to allow new gamers – or non-gamers – to become familiar with our IP. So we will look at opportunities to make use of the device.
“We released a mobile companion game for ‘Uncharted 4’ – it’s a puzzle game you play on mobile. You can unlock items or currency to use in the main game. Things like that.”

Nintendo has been getting lots of praise from 3rd party companies and now Sony and Microsoft. The Nintendo Switch maybe a success given all the hate Nintendo receives that they should become what Sega is doing.
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