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Sony Interactive Entertainment Head Suggests There Is No Upcoming PlayStation Handheld

It shouldn’t be news to many that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s attempt to create a peaking successor to the previous PlayStation portable (PSP) fell off pretty quick with the PlayStation Vita when the handheld launched eight years ago. And while the portable device does hold quite a steady following despite its lacking popularity in contrast to its predecessor, especially in Japan, the Vita still did not meet expectation in the long run ultimately.

Just last year it was reported that the near decade-old handheld would officially seize production the following year in 2019. And as Sony has commenced the indefinite halt of more PlayStation Vita creations just recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan has put the final nail in the coffin for the company’s future with portable initiatives.

In the celebratory 25th anniversary piece that was comprised over at Game Informer this past Tuesday, Ryan shares that the company no longer has their hands in development towards a third portable PlayStation device.

PlayStation Vita was brilliant in many ways, and the actual gaming experience was great, but clearly it’s a business that we’re no longer in now.

Which is an interesting statement seeing that it wasn’t too long ago that Sony Interactive Entertainment Deputy President John Kodera shared that the company is still looking to create a new portable device as the platform is “one method to deliver more gaming experiences.” However, it looks that despite Kodera’s opinion towards a new on-the-go initiative that Ryan thinks otherwise for the future of PlayStation.

Reflecting on the current market with mobile gaming now surging with growing numbers atop of the Nintendo Switch also showing to be a commercial success, it looks that competition might be one aspect Sony does not look to compete with currently. Along with the upcoming Project xCloud initiative from Microsoft which is planning to expand to mobile devices as well in the coming months, maybe Sony is looking for a better opportunity to return to the mobile market later on.

What are your thoughts on Sony not involved with a new PlayStation handheld?

Source: Game Informer

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