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Sony Interactive Entertainment Lists New Room Scan, Cinematic Modes, And More For PlayStation VR 2

Posted on July 27, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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While reflecting on the state of virtual reality over the past decade, it is really shaping up to being a common peripheral for mainstream consumers. Sony Interactive Entertainment initially invited the platform to the living room with PlayStation VR and Meta has established this with the pricing for the Meta Quest 2. However, that is changing at least for the Meta side of things. The firm recently told that its headsets will be facing a $100 price jump at the start of August.

What about PlayStation VR 2 – the new headset coming to PlayStation 5? Well, it is still in development. It is uncertain if the new device will be an easier commodity to obtain on store shelves similar to how the PlayStation 5 is nearly two years later. But, the firm did showcase a few games for its platform including The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, Resident Evil 8, and No Man’s Sky previously.

This week, Sony Interactive Entertainment returned with new information on the coming peripheral. For starters, it is confirmed the cameras on the outside of the device will be utilized for scanning your surroundings and can be viewed with the headset on.

With PS VR2, you can see your surroundings while wearing the headset with our new see-through feature. It comes in handy when you want to easily check where the PS VR2 Sense controllers are in your room without taking the headset off. Thanks to PS VR2’s embedded front cameras, users can press the function button on the headset, or use the Card in the Control Center, to switch between viewing your surroundings, or viewing the content on PS VR2. The Card in the Control Center also gives quick access to other PS VR2 settings, such as adjusting your play area.

Yasuo Takahashi, Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Staff Product Manager

The company goes on to state that this is strictly for viewing options and nothing sinister or malicious. “The see-through view is just for viewing only, so there’s no recording option.” Additionally, users well also be able to map out their location which does make for playroom much more visually tangible when obscuring your vision to play.

“The play area for PS VR2 can be customized by using the PS VR2 Sense controllers and the embedded cameras. The cameras will allow you to scan the room, while the PS VR2 Sense controllers allow you to expand and further customize the play area to fit your play style and room environment. While playing, if you get close to the boundary you have set up, you will receive a warning that you are closely approaching the play area boundary.”

Noted, the firm also injects that with the PlayStation 5 HD Camera, you can utilize it to broadcast yourself playing as well. Another unique feature for PlayStation VR 2 is the VR & Cinematic Modes: the VR mode is intended to play games whilst the latter Cinematic mode enables a separate prefix for non-virtual reality media.

What new details has you most excited for PlayStation VR 2?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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