Sony Launches 1080p Support For PlayStation Now This Week

Posted on April 24, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While there are platforms that utilize game streaming to bring gaming to new platforms like mobile, PC, and even television, it should be noted that this approach had to start somewhere. With the initiation of PlayStation Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment used the platform to bring namely releases to PlayStation 4 and even tackle backwards compatibility – sort of. However, there are growing criticisms that denounce the usefulness of the service too.

In that, Ampere Analysis reported that just over a quarter of PlayStation Now users do not follow through with the monthly subscription due to its “lack of enjoyable games”. But, that is not to say all games are not worth owning the service. In its April 2021 update, the PlayStation company introduced Borderlands 3 and the 2020 fall release, Marvel’s Avengers.

Now in a new announcement earlier this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment shares that there will be a new metric for fans of the service: 1080p resolution. It appears that the standard high definition target was not supported, but will be this week.

Noted, Rectify Gaming also went the lengths to judge the execution for PlayStation Now previously as well. Howbeit, it was purely scrutinized for the lacking of ambition to support the service in contrast to the ever so growing Xbox Game Pass. After discovering that titles did not definitively offer even 1080p does soften the blow toward the service.

What makes the topic even more unique is that other competitors went the lengths to even support 4K resolution more than a year prior. From Google, the tech giant appeared to slip in 4K game streaming to its in-house Stadia service last March. In the reporting, it is indicated that the resolution increase only applied to the web browser version of Stadia.

Similarly, Amazon also dealt a familiar hand for its service Luna. In that, the firm offered a 720p mode to its users in the beta version for the cloud streaming service. What makes the feature interesting, however, is that it helps minimize the amount of data used when streaming at a lower pixel count. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you plan to test out 2080p on PlayStation Now?

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