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Sony Looking For New Marketing Applicants For Their Next Console

It seems that Sony is already hard at work for their next console with the recent discovery of backward compatibility support for the unnamed piece of hardware. In a recent LinkedIn job description, it looks that Sony is in-search for new members for the marketing team for the assumed PlayStation 5.

The job posting asks for a Senior Product Manager, which will give responsibilities such as translating product strategy, developing products, and managing a workflow for the products campaign. Stated in the job description it tells to “own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.”

Though this confirms even more that there is a new console on the way from the Japan-based company, we still have no official name for what this might be nor when we could expect to see when this product might be available for consumer purchase. As it was revealed that we could have another handheld portable device from Sony previously, that could be what’s referenced in the job posting.

Speaking about this hypothetically, we actually might not see another portable console in the near future. The PlayStation Vita compared to its counterparts from Nintendo underperformed greatly. With the recent announcement that Sony will discontinue the PlayStation Vita next year, it won’t be a surprise if we don’t see another attempt from the tech company in the near future.

When we could expect a full reveal from Sony could be expected as soon as 2019. With the PlayStation Experience out of the picture for 2018, the company can work on new projects for the upcoming console along with when we will officially see it.

Source: LinkedIn

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