Sony Presses On PlayStation 5 Inquiries Like Supporting 1440p Displays, Future Of PlayStation VR, And A Supported Web Browser

Posted on November 11, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Now that the Xbox Series X|S are both on store shelves, if you are able to get your hands on one, the wait now lays on the shoulders Sony Interactive Entertainment with the approaching release of the PlayStation 5. And while there is plenty to already learn of the next-generation console, the firm is still providing new information on the system.

When speaking to AV Watch Impress, a Japanese technology outlet, the publication got the chance to speak with Sony Interactive Entertainment Platform Planning and Management Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino on the PlayStation 5 and what the firm is still working on the system as for post-launch. Among the discussion, Nishino was pressed on the matters of the next-generation console not supporting 1440p monitors.

In response, Nishino does explain as we expect that Sony prioritizes televisions over computer displays, however, the firm would patch in support if users vocally request the feature.

“Technically, there is no problem at all,” a auto-translation of Nishino’s response reads. He adds, “we want to prioritize the response to television.” Elsewhere in the interview, Nishino then goes on to elaborate on the PlayStation 5’s relationship with virtual reality. While PlayStation VR from PlayStation 4 is compatible, there is more suggested to come.

It is impossible to say that the person who bought the PSVR does not lead to the time of switching to PS5. I also think that there is a “boost” advantage that PS5 improves the experience. .I would like to expect the PS5 to have a VR experience that is appropriate for the PS5.

Additionally, Nishino also talks on the matters of PlayStation 5 implementing a web browser for the next-generation console. While the PlayStation 4 does support one already, Nishino believes the new console does not necessarily need one. “Currently, we do not intend to have a web browser on the PS5.

“Of course I use it as a component for using various network functions, but there is also a question whether a web browser is necessary for a game console as an app, so let me know. Because child switch measures are also required, it takes a reasonable amount of man-hours to mount a web browser.”

Nishino also spoke on backwards compatibility for PlayStation 5 disclosing that the program to support PlayStation 4 was almost effortless. While the current-gen system does not offer the support of older generation titles, Nishino does offer that the implementation is more efficient than just providing cross-generational games.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s stance of these features for the PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release on November 12, 2020 and November 19, 2020.

Source: AV Watch Impress

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