Sony Releases New Details On Next-Gen Console

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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It has been rumored that both Sony and Microsoft are planning to release their next generation consoles in the year 2020. This year we’ve seen talks about what the specs of both consoles could look like, but Sony has finally shared some more information on whats to be the PlayStation 5. Here is what we know so far about the next PlayStation console:

  • Will include PlayStation 4 backward compatibility
  • SSD support
  • PlayStation VR & 8K support
  • Ray tracing support & ‘3D audio’
  • A more powerful CPU/GPU
  • Devkits are being sent out.
  • Supports discs


It’s good to see that Sony’s next console will support physical discs since we are turning into more of a digital generation and this could be the last generation that’ll support physical games. Another great thing to note is the backward compatibility from the previous console as the PS4 couldn’t support PS3 games and fans had to re-buy games that they might have owned in the past.

It’s hard to see 8K being supported within the next five to ten years, but who knows it’s good to have that option there if 8K monitors & televisions become more relevant. An example that Wired told was that Mark Cerny compared Spider-Man on the current generation console and showed it on the early devkit version and when fast traveling what took 15 seconds now only took 0.8 seconds.

The next generation is going to be exciting and now we’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft will come up with especially with Project Xcloud.


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