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Sony Shares That Pricing In U.S. For PlayStation Hardware Might Increase Due To Proposed Tariffs

In response to the proposed tariff that standing U.S. President Donald Trump has scheduled to combat China towards the current American market imposing a strict tariff on imports with an increase 25 percent, the three console giants banded together with a drafted letter urging that the plan be revised. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo suggesting that the proposed plan to exempt video game consoles from the tariff in an effort to “preserve U.S. high-tech leadership.”

Fast forwarding to this week, Sony in a report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that the company might have to raise the cost of current and upcoming hardware for the PlayStation brand if Trump’s tariffs go into effect.

We believe, and therefore have told the U.S. government, that higher tariffs would ultimately damage the U.S. economy.

Due to Sony’s products being primarily manufactured in China, this not only will bring a heavier price tag for all machines and device, but will also burden the entire U.S. economy if the 15 percent tariff increase is finalized. As we already know that the next generation of the PlayStation brand is upon us for 2020, the already expected pricier console will have a price increase following the potential appointed tariff.

Sony Finance Chief Hiroki Totoki on the matter shared that regarding the current tariff “haven’t affected us that much, but we should remain vigilant about the potential risk.” If eventually facing the tariff increase, Sony hopes for consumers of their products to bear the higher price despite potentially cheaper consoles issued from competing companies.

Would you still buy from Sony if the 25 percent tariff goes into effect, increasing all PlayStation products?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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