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Sony: The PlayStation Vita is still a viable platform in Japan

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America has said that the PSVita is still a viable platform in the Japanese and Asian markets. This is what he had to say. “We still have developers in Japan who are building for that platform. But it just didn’t get over the hump in Europe and America. It’s hard to know exactly why, but it didn’t garner a large enough audience here for us to continue to build for it.” While the PSVita never really took off in the West, it still has some amazing games, however Sony not using micro SD cards and instead using their own, hurt the platform a lot. Shawn Layden has said that he still brings his PSVita with him. ” It travels with me all the time, and I play Hot Shots Golf consistently”. What do you think of the PlayStation Vita? do you think Sony should give the handheld market another go? let us know!
Source: PushSquare

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