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Sony's exclusive Spider-Man game, due for release on PS4/Pro in 2017

Posted on April 3, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Sony has already had a fantastic start to 2017 when it comes to exclusive games, including Horizon Zero Dawn, NiOh, Gravity Rush 2 and more. Alongside rumors of Day’s Gone and God of War (4) due for release this year and games already confirmed for a 2017 release, such as Gran Turismo Sport.  Marvel’s Ryan Penago has said that Spider-Man PS4 (developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony) will be released this year. Sony is also releasing Spider-Man Homecoming this summer, so it makes sense to build on that hype with an exclusive Spider-Man game. We saw a small bit of gameplay last E3, where the game was also announced. Sunset Overdrive, another Insomniac title, was announced at E3 2013, and then released in 2014. So the odds of Spider-Man PS4 also getting released a year after being announced are high.

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Source: PushSquare

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