Sony’s Jim Ryan Isn’t Committed To Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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The lead of PlayStation in Europe recently was interviewed by David Jenkins at Metro UK. The interview was quite tough for Jim including rough questions about constant PSN downtime, DriveClub launch issues amongst others. When Jim was asked about the free PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub that previous CEO, Jack Tretton of Sony Computer Entertainment America promised way back at E3 2013, Jim replied “that’s still being looked at”. When pressured more, his response was “I can’t say anything at this stage”.

It’s clear that Sony aren’t committed to the free version of DriveClub for PlayStation Plus members. The game was supposed to be available at launch for PS Plus subscribers, but kept on being delayed due to initial launch issues. The company have promised the free version multiple times but are slowly stepping away from it. The free version was to offer India and a stripped down number of cars.

Evolution Studios, the creators of DriveClub recently confirmed the PS Plus version still requires a lot of server development. Evolution seem committed. Sony aren’t. Will we see DriveClub on PS Plus? Only time will tell.

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