South Park: Snow Day’s Season Pass Includes 6 DLCs in total

Posted on March 26, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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THQ Nordic and Question have officially released South Park: Snow Day across Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. The game launched with a free DLC adding a new game mode “To Danse With Raveno”, which adds more playtime, variety, and challenge in between the main story acts.

South Park: Snow Day also has a Season Pass that includes an all-new Game Mode, New Weapons, a Weapon Variation, and Cosmetic Packs. The Season Pass is included with the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Collectors Edition.

The Season Pass will include 6 DLCs in total:

All-new Game Mode: This all-new Game Mode changes the rules again! Prepare for hellish, new rules and special challenges that make Nichole’s “Infernal Pacts” feel like kindergarten recess.

All-new Ranged Weapon and New Cosmetics: The Snowball is perfect for all those who mastered the other ranged weapons in the game. Unleash devastating new attacks on enemies and grant powerful supporting effects on your allies.

All-new Melee Weapon and New Cosmetics: A new Melee Weapon will be announced later this season.

New Weapon Variation for the Daggers: This Weapon Variation will give the Daggers a devastating overhaul, replacing some of the weapon upgrade cards with crazy new powers that open up completely new play styles and tactics.

CRED Cosmetic Pack: A kid today is defined by their hydration drink – and their swag. Impress your friends and show the world how much CRED you have. The CRED Cosmetic Pack gives you plenty of CRED with a fresh hairstyle, a CRED hoodie, and a cape.

Asspen Cosmetic Pack: An “Asspen” themed Cosmetic Pack featuring new jackets, hats, and more will be available later this season.

In other South Park news, Microsoft is giving away four Xbox Series X consoles that are themed after South Park: Snow Day.

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