Sparkle 2 hits Xbox One January 27th.

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Probably the best match-three marble shooter action puzzle in recent years, Sparkle 2, is launching on Xbox One on January 27th! Sparkle Unleashed, which is a spin-off of Sparkle 2, was 10tons debut title on Xbox One on June 3rd 2015. Sparkle 2 features slightly higher production values than Sparkle Unleashed, the core gameplay mechanics are altered (static rotating marble shooter in Sparkle 2, sideways sliding marble shooter in Sparkle Unleashed), and the metagame is a bit different (enchantments in Sparkle 2, upgradeable powerups in Sparkle Unleashed), but by and large the games are very similar. Fans of either will certainly enjoy the other as well. Both offer a remarkably smooth and polished marble shooting action puzzle gameplay, awesome music and an immensely addictive experience overall.
Sparkle 2 is also still their best selling title on Playstation 4. The Xbox One version of Sparkle 2 features a brand new and challenging game mode, Cataclysm, which is activated after progressing some ways into the Story mode.


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