Specs For Halo Reach On Steam Leaves Speculation For Potential Release During X019

Posted on November 5, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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In first few months of 2019, news broke that the long-awaited addition of Halo Reach to The Master Chief Collection will in fact be happening sometime down the line for the 2014 archive of Bungie and one 343 Industries titles. Now just finishing up with this year’s Halloween season, fans are still waiting for the game to arrive to both Xbox One alongside the franchise’s official debut on Steam as well.

Luckily, it looks that this wait might finally be coming to an end as the official specification requirements have finally been release via the latest MCC Development Update. Interesting enough, what the game is asking you for your build is not much actually: listing a GPU minimum of the six year-old Nvidia GTX 770 is quite surprising while the RAM requirements is set for 8 GB across the board for a 4K resolution output and 60 frames per second.

You can view the entire required minimum table below:

The Update blog also shares some more of how progression will play out for the new client update that will drop with Halo Reach also. Sharing screenshots of the seasonal unlocks for cosmetic armor and displaying the different tiers that will be achievable the more you play. Halo Reach matchmaking has also received an overhaul of additional game modes and more supported maps for previously tested game types such as Invasion and Team Hardcore.

343 elsewhere in the post confirms that cross play will be supported between the Windows 10 and Steam version of Halo Reach. However, leaving out the console players on Xbox One for the time being. Cross platform progression is also shared to be supported between the three ports of entry to play, but there are some exceptions to certain aspects of the game. Such as having to reequip armor & mid mission checkpoints not transferring, but achievements, leaderboard records and online rank will be carried over via linking your Xbox Live account.

Upon the topic of the PC version for the 2010 title, the game is still currently listed to drop before the start of the new decade in 2020, so possibilities of a close release could potentially happen. Looking towards this month’s X019 event hosted in London, fans are expecting to hear then of the game to officially drop for Xbox and PC. Reflecting on the PC specifications releasing for other games, the pattern illustrate that the game is as short as two weeks away from its planned launch for the platform.

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Halo Reach is currently out now for Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility.

Source: 343 Indutries

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